Reply To: The color wheel

  • MARK

    February 17, 2024 at 10:43 am

    Mature color mixing; True

    Elementary color mixing; Ideal

    For elementary color mixing with Crayola crayons, we have red, yellow, and blue that can not be mixed due to the ideal theory that they are Primary. In teaching the color wheel using standard tempera paint we have a “fire engine red, sunny yellow, and a sky blue” that we use straight out of the “big gallon jug”.

    In Mature color mixing, I teach that one can mix primary colors; Alizarin crimson with a cadmium red, a cadmium yellow medium with a yellow light, and an ultramarine with deep Thalo blue red tint. Oil paint versus acrylic, versus gouache, and watercolour brands even give a quite different color wheel mixing palette. Now throw into the discussion mix that those color wheels he used (or we use) either are printed with CMYK ink or that we use the light spectrum colors when we project colors from our computer.

    This gentleman speaks mature truth, but keep teaching the elementary ideal.

    Hope this helps,

    M Merrill