Reply To: Academic versus fun in MS

  • Menya

    February 21, 2024 at 10:22 am

    Make Spanish accessible by teaching things that are relevant for them and by only using small concentrated chunks of the language. Don’t teach unnecessary vocabulary that a child wouldn’t need to use just because your textbook says to teach it. For example, we live in South Florida…so if I’m teaching a unit on locations, I’m not going to include mountains or rivers because we don’t have a lot of that down here. I will include words like beach, school, church, stadium, etc. because that is what is relevant to them and what they NEED.

    Sometimes, as teachers, we want to teach a lot of vocabulary instead of teaching USEFUL vocabulary…..vocabulary and grammar that they can use right away and feel successful with using.

    Also, teach vocabulary/grammar using games and music so that the structures will stick in the kids’ heads better.